The duration of different certifications is listed for each course in the course catalog, as are any recertification requirements. Course completion and expiry dates are available to the students in their individual Training Center, viewable when they log-in to the CommScope Infrastructure Academy.

PartnerPRO PortalIf your company is a part of the CommScope PartnerPRO Network or applying to be one, your company will have been given access to the CommScope PartnerPRO Portal (CPP).  The portal contains all the official documentation, profiles, training records, contracts, warranty submissions and other processes for individual partner companies. If you wish to know which qualifications are needed for a particular CommScope program, then the brochures for each program are accessible from the portal.  If you want to see how many staff need to be trained or how many staff you have currently trained, again this information is recorded in your company’s partner portal profile.

You can print reports on your company’s training status from this Portal. It holds the official records against which partner status is measured.

If you do not have access to the partner portal or are having trouble accessing, please contact your local CommScope representative or email

If you are wishing to know the progress of particular employees through a course, due to the Data Protection Act we cannot provide reports on an individual’s training progress unless we have a formal arrangement with your company and the employee. Please in the first instance contact your employee as they can provide the update on progress.