Now that you have some students and you have organised a class where you will teach the course, you can begin progressing the students through the course.

  • Click on the Progress Training tab, making sure that full display is set to yes, click in the box that says ‘course media supplied to student’ click update.  Your student record should now have ‘complete’ under the supply course media box and the next option ‘run assessments’ should now be active.
  • Click on the button under ‘run assessments’ scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘mark all tasks as complete’. You will then need to scroll to the bottom of the screen again and click ‘I confirm all assessments have been completed by the student’ then update.
  • When you return to the course index you should now see the ‘Supply student photo box’ (if applicable), once you have clicked on this there will be a browse option available which will allow you to select the student’s photo that will appear on their badge (it must be in jpeg. format)
  • Once this has all been updated the ‘Request certificate’ will be active.  Click on this and the admin team at the Academy will be notified that they need create a certificate. Once the certificate has been created you will then be able to able to print the certificate via the portal.