Once you have set up a class we recommend that you don’t enrol students until AFTER the class has run to ensure you only enroll those that attended the class.

When you are ready to enrol the students you can do so under the Country ATA portal. Click the “view/enrol students” next to the class and then on the next page click “enrol students

You will then need to select the number of students you are enrolling on the course (the price at this stage is the list price, your discount will be visible after checkout once your passport has been applied)

When adding students you will first need to select their company by clicking on the “add company” button. Where a company is found, click select and move to the next step. If the company isn’t found, first try alternative spellings and finally if it can’t be found click the “add company” button and fill in the details to submit.

Once a company has been selected you can add the student details.

When all students have been added you can go ahead and place the booking in your basket, but before you complete the order remember to add your passport number to ensure that your discount is applied. Your discount will not be displayed until you click on the checkout button, you can then continue throught the booking process. You will then receive an email confirming the booking.

We will process these bookings and generate the certificates usually within 2 working days, and once complete you will receive another email informing you that you can now access and print the certificates.