You will be able to book and pay for training on the CommScope Academy website as well as take your training. Follow the steps below to succefully book yourself on to a training course. 

Once signed in head to 'catalog' at the top of the page. 

Once here you are able to search for a course. You can search by typing in a course title, skill or other key words to begin your search. the course will appear below the search bar are you are typing. 

Once you have found a course you wish to purchase, click on the course and click the 'buy now' button. 


From here, you will then be able to select how many of this particular course you would like to purchase. If you are only buying for someone else, you will need to select '(Not yourself)'. 

This will take you to your basket. Here you can select the company and student you wish the course to be assigned to by clicking on the icon of a pen. Always search for the company first before adding a new company. 


Repeat the same step for assigning the student by clicking on the second icon of a pen. 


Your course is now assigned to the desired company and student. You will then need to head to the right hand side of the page. Add in your company VAT no if needed and Company Passport no if they have purchased one. 

You can then click 'Checkout/Complete' and finish your payment.

Please allow 24 hours (working days) for bookings to be processed by the UK admin team.