So that a user’s photograph can be included on a badge, it is required that users provide a photograph of themselves which is uploaded and stored with their training details.

The photograph provided must be a clear image, including the user’s face with a blank background. In order that the photograph fits on a badge, the photograph should be optimized so that it is the correct size and the file size is reduced so that it is quickly uploaded to the CommScope Infrastructure Academy’s website.

There are many methods and applications available to allow you to optimize images.

Optimizing your Image

To perform the optimization of user photographs, we recommend using a free online tool called Web Resizer, a completely free to use tool.

1. Firstly we need to navigate to the site:

2. Click on the Browse button.

3. In the dialog window that opens, navigate to the photograph you have taken, select it and click Open.

4. Click the Upload button.

5. At this point your image is uploaded to the website which may take some time, so please be patient and wait for your image to appear on page.

6. The photograph is automatically optimized, so a lot of the hard work is already done for us, however, it may be beneficial to crop the image so that it is a better size for printing onto badges.

Cropping your Photo

1. Click the crop Image button

2. In the two boxes enter 413 and 531 which is the ideal size for your image. Then click and drag the white box in the Optimized image so that it captures the face.

3. Click apply changes.

Finalizing and Downloading your Photo

1. The file size should now be less than 1000KB.

2. If the size of the optimized image is still larger than 1000KB, reduce the Image quality slightly, apply the change and repeat until the image is less than 1000KB.

3. Once you are happy with your photograph, it can now be downloaded.

4. Click Download this Image.

5. Select a location to save the file and give it a name so you can identify it later.

6. We now have a photograph which is both sized correctly, so that only the face will be shown on your badge, and is small enough to be quickly uploaded to your account.

7. Finally, the photograph can be uploaded to your account in the usual manner.