A Training Passport may be renewed every year and this allows you and your company to continue taking advantage of the great benefits that come with a Training Passport.

If however you choose to not to renew your Training Passport then we understand, but hope you might purchase one again in the future.

When a Training Passport expires we deem it as 'lapsed' and it is important to note that any online courses booked using this passport will become 'locked' and students will not be able to continue taking that course. This is regardless of when the course was booked.

If a lapsed Training Passport is renewed within 12 months, then access to locked courses will be re-enabled and progress may continue. If however a Training Passport remains lapsed for a period of more than 12 months, then loss of  access to locked courses will become permanent and all course progress will be lost.

For details on how to renew your Training Passport please click here.